Bushido Organic Farm ​L.L.C.

**All products offered by Bushido Organic Farm L.L.C. are only sold to Arizona residents and can't be shipped outside the state. Bushido Organic Farm L.L.C. currently slaughters chickens under exemption P.L. 90-492.


Where does the name Bushido come from? Bushido is a Japanese term that means the way of the warrior. It was a warrior code that the samurai lived by. There were 7 virtues: Rectitude, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Honesty, Honor, and Loyalty. A warrior's life in mid-evil Japan was very short, but considered beautiful like cherry blossoms. We believe our lives are beautiful; therefore, deserve the very best. I had an opportunity to live in Japan about a decade ago. I learned valuable life lessons from the Japanese culture. One of them was the seven virtues mentioned above. I have implemented those into my family's life.  Everything we do revolves around those virtues. Therefore, we wanted the name of our farm to represent what we stand for. We hope to bring those virtues into the product we sell you. We truly care about the health of your families, and thus we have decided to share what we have learned and developed over the past 15 years.


Our vision is to provide the best quality product by using the natural methods our ancestors used. Many years ago, my wife and I decided we did not want to eat the vegetables that were sold at the store due to the pesticides used. We were convinced of its harmful effect on our bodies. We also started reading on the use of GMO(genetically modified organisms) in our vegetables and the ill effects it can cause. Through the internet, you can research various studies that have been done on GMO (genetically modified organisms).  The results are frightening. It is hard to purchase anything that is free from GMO in some shape or form nowadays.  We believe the majority of the illnesses, allergies, infertility we see today is because of the tainted food we have consumed. Therefore, we decided to take action and make our own garden and raise all our vegetables naturally. It was not easy in the Arizona soil and heat, but we figured it out. We truly believe the health we and our children have been blessed with is because of the food we have chosen to ingest.  Five years ago, we decided to do the same with the protein we eat.  We purchased some egg layers and started eating our own eggs. We fed the chickens 100% organic feed and let them free range on the property.  It was unbelievable to see the significant difference in the eggs. The taste was exquisite. Our family member's allergies subsided afterwards. We then grew our own chicken meat and have been enjoying eating healthy and raising the chickens. Slowy, our friends and family became obesessed with our eggs, meat, and vegetables.  We could not keep enough available for them. They all swear to feel better and healthier. Thus, we have decided to do this full time and offer the products that our family enjoys to all those that reside in the State of Arizona.  We have started off with chicken meat first and then will slowly add our other products.

Naturally Raised

​​All our chickens will be moved to this new property by the summer of 2014.  In the mean time, we are still raising chickens on our current property until this summer.  All chickens are raised on large pastures to roam freely. They are not put in cages or houses after the brooding phase. They are left out to live like a chicken ought to. The only fence around the chicken pastures is to keep predators out. We provide some man-made shade and shelter for the chickens to rest under if they so choose, but the chickens sleep and eat where they feel best. We like to see our chickens take about 30% of their diet from the environment. There are plenty of bugs, insects, and a grass to eat. The remaining 70% or so is supplemented with 100% USDA organically certified feed that is soy and corn free. The chickens on the new property are also raised on well water that comes from about 650 feet below the surface. The property is surrounded by national forest, so the ground water is clean and pure and has very little potential to be polluted by humans. Our chickens are raised by my family and I until they are slaughtered and processed by us in our very own slaughter house. This means that the chickens are not stressed on slaughter day by having to be shipped to a different location. The chicken meat produced at Bushido Organic Farm L.L.C. can't be beat in regards to freshness, taste, and cleanliness. Since our birds are allowed to free range, they do not sit in dirty cramped quarters. They are able to have their own space, fresh air, and do as they please. Our birds can be seen dust bathing, searching for bugs, chasing insects, and relaxing in the sunshine. While our chickens are raised in the most natural way and fed USDA certified organic feed, we do not sell them as USDA certified organic. As a small farm, we have chosen to not pay the high fees that go along with government endorsement. We also work under exemption P.L. 90-492. This requires us to raise and butcher our chicken on our property and limits us to the sale in the State of Arizona ONLY. Therefore, we are with the birds from a few days old until they are delivered fresh to you and your family. You can not ask for anything more.  

Our Farm

Our new farm is located at a beautiful 6000 feet in northeastern Arizona. The farm is surrounded by the beautiful Sitgreaves National Forest. It is one of the many beautiful locations Arizona has to offer. The National Forest is untouched and still beautiful and remote. The farm has mountains all around and sits in the meadows below.  We established this farm in 2013. We plan on adding all the chickens and bees in the next few months and a few goats to help bring our family the milk we desire. Our farm was created for the purpose of self sustainability and health.  About 15 years ago, we felt the need of growing our own vegetables. We slowly started adding to our vision. The farm we currently own was our dream.  We were truly blessed to be able to purchase it last year. We are excited to bring to everyone the same healthy, fresh, and natural products we enjoy each and everyday.