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From building a vegetables garden to raising chickens and more, we would love to help you establish your own self sustaining living!  Here are some of the ways we can help you out:

1. Do you want your very own fresh eggs daily?  We can assist.  We build chicken coops for all levels of chicken enthusiasts.  We also provide chickens that are anywhere from 3-6 months old.  This eliminates you from having to raise the baby chicks in brooders.  This is a true turn the key set up.  We also provide you with all the education you need to raise your chickens in the healthiest way.  Here is an example of our starter coop. All coops are built on Bushido Organic Farm's property.  I have integrated easy designs that have worked over the years. 

2. Do you want your very own fresh vegetables that are completely natural and safe for your family each day? We can assist. Our gardening consultation gives you all the education you need to grow your very own vegetables. We have perfected the growing seasons and can give you month by month advice on what vegetable to plant and when. In addition to this, we also prepare your soil so you can grow beautiful crops year over year. One of the hardest areas of gardening in Arizona is getting the soil to be soft enough to absorb the water. As you may have experienced, once you mix soil up in Arizona and water it, the ground becomes hard. The water stops penetrating and the crops can't grow. I have my very own naturally blended products that I can mix in your soil to give it that dark, nutrient rich, and soft texture you need to grow vegetables in the desert. Please see the before and after pictures of a recent soil reformation.

3. Have you ever wondered where your meat actually comes from? We can assist. Bushido Organic Farm offers chicken slaughtering classes. These classes include how to raise a meat bird and how to process it. Most Americans have lost the technique of processing their own food. This class gives you all the step by step instruction you need. The class is usually an hour. The first 30 minutes is going over the raising of the chickens, tools used, and the order of processing. The remainder of the class is actually processing the chicken from the killing station to the packaging station.  Everyone will be able to choose the chicken of their choice on the property.  All class members will be able to experience each station.  The classes are always kept small so everyone can get plenty of hands on time. We are currently enrolling for classes that start at the end of March 2016.

**All products offered by Bushido Organic Farm L.L.C. are only sold to Arizona residents and can't be shipped outside the state. Bushido Organic Farm L.L.C. currently slaughters chickens under exemption P.L. 90-492.

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