Brilliant Beets

Our vegetables are grown in our soil that was fertilized by our chickens and left over grass clippings. We are conscious about our resources and make sure that we recycle as naturally as possible. The beets are sweet and bright red because of the minerals in the soil.

Naturally Raised Egg Layers 

We have eggs layers for sale ranging from 2 months old to 6 months old. We raise all our egg layers naturally. All chickens ar​e on open pastures and never confined to buildings after the brooder phase.  All chickens are fed 100% certified No SOY, No Corn feed from day one.  In addition to their organic feed, they eat bugs, grass, and anything else they may find in the green pastures.  

Bushido Organic Farm ​L.L.C.

**All products offered by Bushido Organic Farm L.L.C. are only sold to Arizona residents and can't be shipped outside the state. Bushido Organic Farm L.L.C. currently slaughters chickens under exemption P.L. 90-492.
*New product* Sweet Honey

Our honey is created on the farm, by our Italian honey bees. The bees thrive on all of the flowers that are present on the property and in the national forest.

Miraculous Daikon

These Japanese radishes are anywhere from 8 inches to 15 inches long.  They are super sweet and juicy when eaten raw in a salad.  They can also be shredded up to become more spicy and resemble horseradish. Click here to read about the health benefits of eating Daikon. 

Beautiful Eggs

Our eggs are sold in a limited quantity based on state law.  These eggs are so delicious and healthy that you can see it in the egg yolk's dark orange color.  These are high in Omega 3!  The chicken layers are also allowed to free range on the property.  They are never given artificial light and are always allowed to molt naturally each year.

Naturally Raised Chicken

Our chickens are raised on open pastures and free to do as they please throughout their lives.  They are fed 100% USDA organically certified feed that is corn and soy free in addition to the bugs, insects, and grass they find on the pastures.

Self Sustaining Consultation

From building a vegetables garden to raising chickens and more, we would love to help you establish your own self sustaining living!  Please contact us for more information and consultation fee. 

Crunchy Carrots

These will be the best carrots you have ever eaten.  The smell alone is to die for.  The color reassures you that there is plenty of betacaratine in these carrots.